City. The map of China with small towns: Baotou and how many costs rest in China

Naturally, Baotou is not the main sight of China. The big city stretching for many miles extensively, Baotou can divide into three zones conditionally: Дунхэ, a decaying old part of the small town to the East, Tsinshan and Kundulun to the West. To be guided inRead More

Northeast Italy. Verona.

Measured VERONA with ancient Roman ruins and pink medieval constructions is halfway between Milan and Venice, being a junction of the extended transalpine highway beginning in the Austrian Innsbruck. Blossoming of Verona as independent city-state has fallen onRead More

City of Kutn Mountain.

Historical data. KUTNA the MOUNTAIN, the sleepy small town, at a trip to round across the Czech Republic, located in 60 km to the East from Prague, was no time the second for the importance in Bohemia. Powerful towers of churches of St. Jakub dominate over hisRead More

Music. East backs арабесок. Turkey, cinema, stars too sing arabesques – the most popular music in Turkey

Music of minibuses, arabesques - popular music in TurkeyArabesques. Despite of that that their title hints at the Arab origin, arabesques are close to traditions фасиля, well both all folk and traditional music of Turkey as a whole. In 1980 - the 1990th arabesquesRead More

Starenky Cairo, peninsula of the Sort and the southern suburbs On the North from an aqueduct On the North from an aqueduct

Travelling between Coptic and the Central Cairo by the bus or a taxi, you will see a big aqueduct which stuffed the Stronghold with water. In the beginning it was the usual conduit on wood columns, but in 1311 sultan Al-Nasir has reconstructed it in a stone.Read More